All Rosslyn St. Clair Activity Suspended

Until the lockdown imposed because of the Covid19 pandemic all meetings and other activity in Rosslyn Masonic Hall, including the Rosslyn Chapel Tours service offered by the Lodge, has been suspended until further notice.

Freemasonry is only one of the many activities to be affected by Covid19 but, while to us Freemasons the suspension of our activities may be an inconvenience, we must be mindful of the human tragedies it has caused across the globe and give of our very best, both as individuals and as Lodges to help alleviate the pain and suffering in our local communities. To that end, Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair has already given financial support to the Roslin Food Community set up to assist with the purchase and distribution of necessities to those in Roslin in need of such help, and will keep the situation under review over the coming months.

Further information and updates will be posted here as and when circumstances change and Masonic activity is safe to resume. Meanwhile we urge all Brethren, wherever they may be, to heed the medical advice and stay safe.

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