This Policy is prepared in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which came into force on 25 May 2018

Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair is a private membership organisation and as such it processes and maintains only that Personal Data pertaining to its members for the purposes required by and for Masonic Administration. That information will include Name, Postal Address, Date of Birth, Nationality, Occupation, a record of any previous application to, or membership of, any other masonic lodges, the belief in a Supreme Being, the dates of Initiation into Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair and subsequent progress through the masonic ranks, including offices held and attendances at meetings. Also held will be such information as is necessary for communication between the lodge and its members, particularly telephone numbers and email addresses. It may also include bank account details which may be used for the collection of masonic fees and the payment of moneys due by the lodge to the individual member, and for no other purpose.

By making an application for membership of Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair and thereafter maintaining that membership, the member gives their consent to the lodge holding and maintaining the personal information as described above. Should a member resign or transfer his membership to another lodge he further acknowledges and agrees that the personal data held by the lodge up to the date of resignation or demit will not be expunged from the records but will be held for all time as part of the historical record of Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair. 

This information will come initially from an Applicant’s application for Initiation and subsequently from the records of meetings and elections held. It will include updated information periodically provided by the member. 

Information held on individual members will be shared with The Grand Lodge of Scotland and The Provincial Grand Lodge of Midlothian, and then only for the purposes of Masonic administration. Any further disclosure of personal data, for example to another Masonic lodge or Order, will be made only with the express written consent of the individual concerned.

The Lodge Secretary is the designated officer responsible for all matters concerning data privacy and compliance; all enquiries by a member concerning the personal data held under his name should be addressed directly to the Secretary and to no other officer.

Notices concerning the activities of the lodge are only communicated to members verbally at meetings, and by email. A member may request that his email address be removed from the lodge records after which no further information pertaining to lodge activity will be made  by email.

The Secretary will immediately report any breach of personal data held under this Privacy Policy to the Management Committee, will investigate the cause and implement procedures to prevent a recurrence.


Web Shop

Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair operates a web shop for the sale of masonic souvenirs and mementos pertaining to the Lodge. Visitors to the shop will provide Personal Data consisting of Name, Postal Address, email Address and such bank account information as required for the payment of items purchased. This information will be held only for the purposes of shop administration and financial recording. It will not be used for marketing purposes, the promotion of Masonic activity, or sold or given to any third party.

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