Find Out More About Lodge Rosslyn St Clair 606

The Lodge is situated in the historic village of Roslin some 7.5 miles south of Edinburgh City centre and is so called, along with six other Lodges in Scotland, after William St. Clair of Roslin, the first Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The Lodge was granted its Charter on 7th May 1877 and held the first meeting in the original Inn, College Hill, adjacent to the world famous Rosslyn Chapel.

The present Lodge rooms, having originally been the public hall, have been owned by the Lodge since 1920; the previous meeting places enjoyed by the Brethren have included, the Inn, Rosslyn Castle and Creelha’ in Manse Road.

Regular meetings are held at 7pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from September through to April, our Annual Installation of Office Bearers and Festival of St. John is held at 4pm on the 3rd Saturday in December.

All Brethren are most welcome to visit without making any prior arrangement or introduction. Various social evenings are organised throughout the year and everybody is welcome to join us

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