Lodge Rosslyn St Clair 606

Welcome to our world famous lodge

A Welcome from Our Right Worshipful Master

Greetings everyone. Welcome and thank you for visiting our Website; I hope that you enjoy the content therein. In these testing times you may not be able to visit us in person, so maybe you will learn about our Historic Lodge from our numerous Web pages. If and when you can join us in …
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Unique Masonic Artifact Recovered

During an unconnected routine search of the internet a Brother from Rosslyn St. Clair came across this certificate dated 13 January 1798 recording the Admission of 21 year old Bro. Robert Baxter as an Entered Apprentice of St. Mungo Lodge No.28 …… Realising the there could be only one such certificate in existence the Rosslyn …
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Historic Memories

Centenary Parade 1977Piper, Bobby Ross. Standard Bearer, Raymond Richford. Sword Bearer, James Peaston, Bible Bearer, Charles D Beattie100th anniversary Rededication Ceremony ProceedingsCentenary Rededication Ceremony ProceedingsCentenary DinnerCentenary Dinner Toast CardCentenary Dinner guests withThe Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Captain Robert Wolridge Gordon of Esselmont 75th Anniversary Order of Service1952 The 75th Anniversary Parade Bro. Andrew Wright as …
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2021 Donations Made

One of the primary purposes of modern Freemasonry is to give financial support to local and National charities and community organisations. The financial uncertainty arising from the Covid 19 pandemic curtailed or freedom to make many donations but despite this, during the year to 30 November 2021 Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair made the following …
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