Rosslyn Chapel Tours with Rosslyn St Clair 606

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Lodge Rosslyn St Clair 606 and Association With Rosslyn Chapel

Since its foundation in 1877 Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair, 606 has had close associations with the nearby 15th century Rosslyn Chapel. Famous for centuries in its own right it is today even more so since the publication of Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code. Now many tens of thousands of visitors come each year to learn about Rosslyn Chapel’s history, and to study the hundreds of mediaeval stone carvings and explore its myths and legends.

Rosslyn Chapel Tours with Rosslyn St Clair 606

Of those visitors, many are Freemasons from all four corners of the globe – from the United Kingdom of course, Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and the United States of America. To all of these Brethren and their partners the Right Worshipful Master, Office-Bearers and Brethren of Rosslyn St. Clair offer the private facility to combine their visit to the Chapel with a visit to our Lodge, a meal or buffet with refreshments and a talk and slide-show giving an insight into the Masonic stories behind some of the carvings. We may not be able to confirm that the lost treasure of the Knights Templar really is hidden in the crypt but you will gain fascinating insights into Rosslyn Chapel and Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair. Depending on dates and timing it may even be possible to combine your tour with one of our Regular lodge meetings.

To avoid double bookings our tours must be arranged in advance so please use the enquiry form below. The lodge does not charge for these tours, except for catering on any scale, but we would appreciate a donation from visitors towards our overheads.

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