Lodge Rosslyn 1543

On 7 October we welcomed 14 Brethren and partners from Lodge Rosslyn 1543 of Braintree, Essex for our presentation about Rosslyn Chapel . Since we share the name “Rosslyn” there is an affinity between us and this is not the first time our English Brethren have visited to share our common interests – but this time they brought with them a very special present, of which more later. The dreadful weather that day did nothing to dampen their spirits; everyone enjoyed our presentation accompanied by some lighthearted banter, and a wee dram or two, and with much talk over lunch about Rosslyn St. Clair being invited to a return visit to Rosslyn 1543.

As the visit was being organised a 606 brother heard that one of the 1543 members was a highly talented piper, and mentioned that Highland Cathedral was his favourite pipe tune. Imagine then the completely unexpected surprise when Bro. Mike Simmons from 1543 took his pipes to the stage and began to play ….. Highland Cathedral. Huge applause and much happiness all around. A great big thank you, Bro. Mike, for a very welcome and enjoyable performance. Come again, any time!

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