History is made as we Twin with Lodge Bilu 33

In a ceremony on 30 June 2022 to mark the 70th anniversary of Lodge Bilu 33, Rehovot, Israel, Rosslyn St. Clair 606 has entered into a Twinning arrangement with Lodge Bilu whereby both lodges undertake to work in co-operation and amity to further the spread of Freemasonry in their respective countries, and internationally. The signing ceremony was witnessed by 100 visiting Brethren. Photographed above are (L) Worshipful Brother Yoav Danziger, WM Lodge Bilu No. 33 and (R) Brother Charles D Beattie, RWM Rosslyn St. Clair No. 606, each having signed the Twilnning Agreement together with a display of tokens exchanged to mark the occasion.

The jointly signed Twinning Agreement which will be proudly displayed in our respective Lodges
RWM Beattie presenting a commemorative Quaich to WM Danziger and Brother Yaron Bob MM No 33. 
Commemorative Ashlars, rough and smooth, hewn from King Solomon’s Quarries in Jerusalem, presented to Rosslyn St. Clair
(L-R) RWPG Secretary Bro. John B Wilson: Worshipful Brother Yoav Danziger No. 33: RWM Bro. Charles D Beattie, No. 606: Brother Yaron Bob MM No. 33
Brother Yaron Bob MM No. 33, explaining the origins of the pieces shaped in the map of Israel, made from spent missile cases
one inscribed with the word PEACE in English and Hebrew and the other with the Masonic Square and Compasses. These tokens are made by Bro. Bob and represent his talks “Rockets to Roses”

Following the ceremony the assembled company enjoyed light refreshments and Harmony with performances of Scottish songs by Bro. Alan Henderson PM and magic tricks by Bro. Yaron Bob.

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