Bro. Geoffrey W Spence PM

Rosslyn St. Clair Past Master Bro. Geoffrey W Spence was awarded Honorary Membership of Lodge Journeyman Masons No. 8. The award was granted on 24 March by Bro. Thomas S Drummond IPM No. 8 and a PM of 606. Bro. Drummond is seen here welcoming Bro. Spence into membership of Journeyman Masons.

Members of The Lodge of Journeyman Masons No. 8 pay tribute to and welcome Bro. Geoffrey W Spence PM 606 into membership of their Brotherhood.

The ceremony, which had been planned for when Bro. Drummond was Reigning Master but had been postponed because of Covid-19, took place on 24 March 2022 with special permission having been granted by the current Master of Journeyman Masons for Bro. Drummond IPM to officiate during the award to Bro. Spence.

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