An Apology

We apologise that at present there is so little new content on Rosslyn St. Clair website. In common with every other Masonic Lodge in Scotland we are closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic; no Meetings, no Functions, no Social Gatherings, formal or informal, and, inevitably, nothing of interest to report. So the Home page looks just a little bare.

But there is hope on the horizon. Three innovative Covid vaccines are medically approved for use in Scotland and the wider UK and are being rolled out on a programme which should see a substantial proportion of the population immunised by summer 2021. While it may take some time yet, there is every hope that all masonic activity can be resumed in the foreseeable future – and that our web page will again show some interesting content. Meanwhile, our internet shop remains open for you to treat yourself or another Brother to a Masonic themed gift. Click on the Shop on the Home page for further information.

Please return to this website regularly for updated news and, if you care to suggest content which might be added, please do so to me at <[email protected]>

Although we cannot meet in person the RWM and Brethren of Lodge Rosslyn St. Clair extend to everyone their most sincere and fraternal best wishes for a soon to be happy and virus free future.

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