All the way from Finland

Saturday 28 October and a party from Helsinki led by Bro. Jussi Tuovinen (in red at the back), Grand Librarian of the Grand Lodge of Finland arrived for our presentation about Rosslyn Chapel, only to find us struggling to repair a broken down projector – and failing! All the visitors took the problem in good heart so we dispensed with the visual aids and delivered a lecture instead. Masonry in Finland has a long history but in its modern guise is only about 100 years old, having been proscribed since 1809 under the Russian occupation; Bro. Jussi donated us a booklet and other information about this history together with a CD of Sibelius the Finnish composer’s Masonic Ritual Music which is played during their Masonic meetings. We all enjoyed the opportunity for yet another cultural exchange and look forward to many many more.

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